Water: The Stealth Enemy

What’s the biggest threat to the health of your professional grade pneumatic tools (minus the bonehead in bay three who’s always borrowing your favorite impact wrench)? Moisture.

Or more specifically, water vapor. You know it as humidity, and it’s present in the air around us every day. Once it enters your compressed air systems it accumulates and condenses into free water, the number one cause of deterioration in air tools and equipment.

WIX Filters, an innovator in filtration products for the past 69 years, has engineered a filter specifically to combat this issue. WIX’s AquaChek Filter is specially engineered to dry the air in compressed air systems.

Whether you work in fleet maintenance, a privately-owned garage, an auto dealership or a paint and body shop, this is good news for anyone who uses compressed-air-powered hand tools and equipment. Technicians who have already experienced the AquaChek filter report as much as a four-fold increase in tool and equipment life and a dramatic reduction in corrosion-related maintenance and repair.

The AquaChek air drying filter is the first and only fully engineered filter of its kind. It provides the ultimate protection from water, rust and corrosion. The key to the AquaChek advantage is state-of-the-art polymer media that can absorb more than 28 times its weight in water. As water molecules come in contact with the polymer, they react with it to form a molecular bond that will never release — even if the filter becomes saturated.

There’s nothing like it on the market, nothing like it to extend the life of air tools and equipment, and nothing like it to eliminate the damaging effects of excessive moisture and unwanted particles in compressed air systems.

How it Works
To understand what makes the AquaChek Filter special, it’s helpful to understand the dynamics of moisture in the air compressors you use every day. When air is compressed, moisture in the air concentrates to the point where it starts condensing and turns into free water. This is the single largest cause of air tool and equipment failure.

Most compressor packages don’t include equipment to minimize moisture, and even compressors with drying solutions cannot completely prevent the buildup of water vapor. In order to control free water, water vapor must be controlled. And because water vapor is always present in the air, moisture control filtration is always needed.

AquaChek Filters are designed to provide this control. Each filter has an innovative molecular bonding polymer that traps water and particulates down to .5 micron. From the initial point of contact, the polymer forms a molecular bond with the water and won’t release it.

AquaChek filters include a gauge kit that tells you exactly when it’s time to replace the filter. For additional protection, the new check valve feature eliminates backflow through the system. With an AquaChek Filter, you can concentrate on the job at hand and leave the moisture control to WIX.

Few industry technicians have owned their favorite tools for more than 20 years. These professionals made the investment in a quality tool years ago and treated it well throughout their careers.

Follow these simple tips to keep your pneumatic tools in top condition;

1. Oil your tools regularly.

2. Have your tools serviced by professionals once a year.

3. Check air quality regularly – specifically checking for water in the line.

To learn more about the technical aspects of AquaChek call 800-949-6698. To get your hands on this unique filtration system, contact your local WIX distributor or use the WIX dealer locator on this page.