AquaChek® Installation

To assure optimum performance of the AquaChek filter in compressed air systems the following installation procedures must be followed.

System Installation

Installation of single or dual AquaChek filter systems should include a self-venting water trap before the filter mounting base to assure gross reduction of free water in the air passing through the filter and in turn prolong filter life. The installation must be placed a MINIMUM OF 10 FEET* (as indicated in figure 1) from the compressor to allow the air to cool enough to achieve maximum removal of water. To insure proper performance of the filter, the filter mounting base must be properly installed. It is vital that the inlet and outlet sides of the mounting base be installed in their proper configuration. Improper installation could result in polymer migration.

Change out Circuit

In situations where taking the compressor off-line for filter change out is undesirable, the installation of an isolation circuit around the filter system is recommended.

The isolation circuit requires two-way valves installed to allow routing of air around the filter system (as indicated in Figure 2) during filter change out.

Filter Attachment & Change Out

Once the filter mounting base and isolation circuit has been properly installed then the filters can be attached to the mounting base.

IMPORTANT! - Prior to installation of the filters apply Teflon tape or equivalent to the mounting base threads to seal off moisture trapped by the filter.