AquaChek® Technology

AquaChek technology weaves a special super-absorbing polymer fiber into absorbent matting that is pleated and inserted into a spin-on cartridge filter. As easy to change as any spin-on oil or fuel filter, AquaChek filters reduce relative humidity in air, after the filter, to thirty percent or less and trap particulate down to less than one-half (.5) micron. Water trapped by the AquaChek filter is locked in a molecular bond and will not release even when the filter reaches saturation. In real world applications users have reported as much as a four-time increase in tool and equipment life and a dramatic reduction in corrosion related maintenance and repair.

The Polymer Edge

The key to the AquaChek advantage is our state of the art polymer. As the water molecule comes in contact with the AquaChek polymer, the two react. The polymer opens up from its coiled position and then encapsulates each water molecule, changing the water from a liquid into a semi-solid. At this point the polymer forms a molecular bond with the water and will not release it.

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